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Posted - Friday, August 11 2000 at 10:00am - Light Bringer

well just to let you know what kind of guild you all are assosciated with. I was fighting Wynd-Rider and Rain Ringblade and they ended up portaling out, i portaled out to rebuff at qal LS and my computer locked up. When I came back, of course i had been killed by these 2, i portalled to hebian and they sit there laughing at me because they had killed me knowing i was link dead. That's the kind of people you are now in a guild with. Is this worth getting to level at BSD? anyone who wants to be with a guild that has principples look me up. .

Posted - Friday, July 28th 2000 at 10:00am - Doc

Alright folks, I have a couple matters to cover.

I reached level 18 today, so it wont be long until I return to Qalabar which I will do when I hit 20. First off, post on the message board your mules name so I can put the names on the members board so we dont attack one anothers mules. Secondly, I would like to know what are we, neutral or pk? I was slaughtered by all the antis when I was in Baishi for being under Unholy Devourer, and yesterday I saw him in AB not being attacked when I would have been slaughtered if I was still under him. So let me know what we are now because I am not under him at the moment because of this.

Posted - Friday, July 28th 2000 at 10:00am - Light Bringer

Hail members! I was talking to a high level Black Rose person who informed me of attacks on his clan. We need to stop attacking Black Rose unless they attack first. We do not want to start a war with them. So please try to id people u fight before fighting them and make sure they are our enemies. Try not to random pk too much unless your in a group making a raid. Thanks.

Posted - Tuesday, July 25th 2000 at 8:00pm - Unholy Devourer

  Greetings everyone!! First of all I would on behalf of our whole alliegance like to thank Doctor Fizzle on the outstandng job he has done on this website!. I have also started doing what i can on the site and have updated the members section with as much info i could think of. I will need all members to send info as follows 1) Name 2) Patron 3) Rank 4) Level 5) Character Type. Please send in updates when you want your level or rank updated to and I will update ASAP. The GENERAL DISCUSSION FORUM IS UP! =). I will be having some talks with our top members to decide who we shall try to ally with and who to war with as we do have some existing conflicts with certain monarchs. As of now we are a Neutral Monarchy. I will make another post soon so keep up the good work everyone! and kill those Dark Master losers hehe.